Gender Equality Index

The La Phocéenne de Cosmétique Group, through its brands Le Petit Olivier and Lovea, has always been committed to respecting people, which is at the heart of our daily work.


La Phocéenne de Cosmétique

This index, set up by the government since 2019, is a tool for advancing equality between female & male employees within a company. As such, we are required to publish this index in order to measure our efforts over the years. In 2023, our Group's gender equality index came out as " incalculable ".

The main reason for this result: we don't have the minimum number of 3 men in certain professional social category & age brackets analyzed in the index calculation.
For greater transparency, we publish the results for the available indicators (2 out of 4 indicators are calculable):
- Increase in women's salaries compared to men's (linked to promotions or individual increases): 35/35
- Number of women and men in the top 10: 10/10

We place our trust in our employees and encourage internal development. For example, 80% of the members of our management committee, most of whom are women, joined us in the early years of our adventure.
These results encourage us to continue valuing our employees, and to develop initiatives to further cultivate equality between employees.